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Awesome! Very surreal; I wonder whom put the protagonist in the rejuvenation chamber...

Great soundtrack as well!

TaraGraphika responds:

I wonder...

Thank you and thank Mr. Kyte.

Fuckin' awesome! Never gets old! :D

If only I could get away with this in real life. Sadly, my voice is WAY too deep. :(

Then again, practice makes perfect! ;)

Crunchlins responds:

Haha, I might add that the voice I put on, wasn't convincing in the slightest but somehow worked ^_^

Thanks for watching!

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This was fun, until my ADD kicked in. ^_^

Was fun until I got to the end... lol Nice game overall.

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Love it!

I think the language is Portuguese It sounds almost like French, so it is probably Portuguese.

Did I mention I love this?

Uno dos, De La Cruz will never feel the bell toll!

"They say I'm kinda like Kelso." Who says this and why do they say it? You don't give off the vibe that you're unintelligent.


Insta downloaded, Five stars, 10 stars, all that shit.

"Randy your balls!"
"I know. Smokin' pot right in front of a cop."

I got really fat nads
lookin' like the South Park dad
Loot at the way that they drag!

More please!

Dope lyrics! Love your style already and I've only heard one song!

Singing on the hook! That's a much under appreciated aspect of underground Hip Hop.

When this is released proper will you include a lyric sheet?

It's about time I check your stuff out, never thought of doing so before I saw a comment of yours on B-radG's latest beat. I think you've been a fan of mine for at least a year and I never returned the favor.

Love this whole thing, can't wait to prowl through the rest of your page.


heyopc responds:

The full version should be available on itunes and spotify and google play etc. lyrics are on there. glad you like it!

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Great animation!

The track isn't available on YouTube or Bandcamp... Is it up anywhere else?

Carrion responds:

Fixed the link in the description!

This is fire! (No pun intended, haha.)

Excellent piece! Great job on the shading. This must have taken a little while, yes?

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